Best Paper Award in the Göttingen Dialogue in Digital Humanities (GDDH)


Within the e-cosmos project, our paper: "Automated Pattern Analysis in Gesture Research: Similarity Measuring in 3D Motion Capture Models of Communicative Action" by: Daniel Schüller, Christian Beecks, Marwan Hassani,  Jennifer Hinnell, Bela Brenger, Thomas Seidl & Irene Mittelberg was announced the winner of the GDDH seminar series of 2015.


The prize is awarded on the basis of an evaluation of both the paper and the quality of the presentation, for which this candidate received 85/100. “It was awesome”, “Valuable for studying the meaning of gestures”, are comments accompanying the scores, which were given for content quality, significance for theory or practice, level of innovationand presentation style by the reviewers of the papers, and by the audience for the presentations.


Congratulations to the co-authors!


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