Spatial Data Management for Virtual Product Development

In the automotive and aerospace industry, millions of technical documentsare generated during the development of complex engineering products. Particularly,the universal application of Computer Aided Design (CAD) from thevery first design to the final documentation created the need for transactional, concurrent,reliable, and secure data management. The huge underlying CAD databases,occupying terabytes of distributed secondary and tertiary storage, are typicallystored and referenced in Engineering Data Management systems (EDM) and organizedby means of hierarchical product structures. Although most CAD files representspatial objects or contain spatially related data, existing EDM systems do notefficiently support the evaluation of spatial predicates. In this paper, we introducespatial database technology into the file-based world of CAD. As we integrate 3Dspatial data management into standard object-relational database systems, the requiredsupport for data independence, transactions, recovery, and interoperabilitycan be achieved. Geometric primitives, transformations, and operations on threedimensionalengineering data will be presented which are vital contributions tospatial data management for CAD databases. Furthermore, we will present an effectiveand efficient approach to spatially index CAD data by using the concepts ofobject-relational database systems and the techniques of relational access methods.The presented techniques are assembled to a complete system architecture for theDatabase Integration of Virtual Engineering (DIVE). By using relational storagestructures, the DIVE system provides three-dimensional spatial data managementwithin a commercial database system. The spatial data management and the queryprocessor is fully embedded into the Oracle8i server and has been evaluated in anindustrial environment. Spatial queries on large databases are performed at interactiveresponse times.

Authors: Kriegel H.-P., Pfeifle M., Pötke M., Renz M., Seidl T.
Published in: In: Klein R., Six H.-W., Wegner L. (Eds.): Computer Science in Perspective - Essays Dedicated to Thomas Ottmann. Springer LNCS 2598
Publisher: Springer - Heidelberg,Germany
Sprache: EN
Jahr: 2003
Seiten: 216-230
ISBN: 978-3-540-005
URL:Springer Link
Typ: Buchbeiträge
Forschungsgebiet: Fast Access to Complex Data