IndeGS - Indexgestützter Grafikdatenserver

Objective of this collaboration was to develop a graphics data server component enabling the toolkit ViSTA FlowLib to postprocess CFD data of almost arbitrary complexity. This component breaks the limitation of the overall size of data imposed by the main memory capacity and speeds up slow secondary storage accesses by storing data in efficient index structures. These enable the efficient evaluation of manifold queries including isosurface extraction or queries combining scalar values.

Authors: Brochhaus C., Wolter M.
Published in: In RWTH Aachen: Virtual Reality Center Aachen (VRCA), Jahresbericht 2005/2006
Sprache: DE
Jahr: 2006
Seiten: 72-74
URL:VRCA-Jahresbericht 2005/06
Typ: Sonstige
Forschungsgebiet: Fast Access to Complex Data