A Comparative Study of Similarity Measures for Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval

Determining similarities among data objects is a core task of content-based multimedia retrieval systems. Approximating data object contents via flexible feature representations, such as feature signatures, multimedia retrieval systems frequently determine similarities among data objects by applying distance functions. In this paper, we compare major state-of-the-art similarity measures applicable to flexible feature signatures with respect to their qualities of effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, we study the behavior of the similarity measures by discussing their properties. Our findings can be used in guiding the development of content-based retrieval applications for numerous domains.


Authors: Beecks C., Uysal M., Seidl T.
Published in: Proc. IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME 2010), Singapore
Publisher: IEEE - Washington, USA
Sprache: EN
Jahr: 2010
Seiten: 1552-1557
ISBN: 978-1-4244-7491-2
ISSN: 1945-7871
Konferenz: ICME
Typ: Tagungsbeiträge
Forschungsgebiet: Exploration of Multimedia Databases