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Brochhaus C., Wichterich M., Seidl T.:
Approximation Techniques to Enable Dimensionality Reduction for Voronoi-based Nearest Neighbor Search
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[EDBT 2006] [LNCS 3896]
Assent I., Wenning A., Seidl T.:
Approximation Techniques for Indexing the Earth Mover's Distance in Multimedia Databases
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[ICDE 2006] [DOI: 10.1109/ICDE.2006.25]
Assent I., Krieger R., Glavic B., Seidl T.:
Spatial Multidimensional Sequence Clustering
Proc. 1st International Workshop on Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data Mining (SSTDM 2006)In conjunction with ICDM 2006, Hong Kong S.343-348 (2006)
[SSTDM 2006]
Jovic M., Hatakeyama Y., Dong F., Hirota K., Seidl T., Avdagic Z.:
Fuzzy Multi-Resolution Image Similarity Modeling applied to Image Retrieval
Joint 3rd International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems and (SCIS 2006), 7th International Symposium on advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS 2006), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan (2006)
[SCIS & ISIS 2006 Call for Papers]
Assent I., Krieger R., Steffens A., Seidl T.:
A Novel Biology inspired Model for Evolutionary Subspace Clustering
Proc. Annual Symposium on Nature inspired Smart Information Systems (NiSIS 2006), Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (2006)
[NiSIS Project]
Thies C., Schmitt Borreda M., Lehmann T., Seidl T.:
A classification framework for content-based extraction of biomedical objects from hierarchically decomposed images
Int. Conference on Image Processing, part of theSPIE Symposium on Medical Imaging (MI 2006), 6144 S.559-568 (2006)
[SPIE MI 2006] [pdf]
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Clustering für Fließgewässer - Data Mining zur Entscheidungsunterstützung in der Hydrologie
In RWTH Aachen: Informatik und Informationstechnik, RWTH Themen 2/2006. S.66-69 (2006)
[RWTH Themen]
Brochhaus C., Wolter M.:
IndeGS - Indexgestützter Grafikdatenserver
In RWTH Aachen: Virtual Reality Center Aachen (VRCA), Jahresbericht 2005/2006 S.72-74 (2006)
[VRCA-Jahresbericht 2005/06]
Assent I.:
Efficient similarity search and data mining in multimedia databases
Proc. 6th Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2006 (2006)
[Grace Hopper]
Assent I., Seidl T.:
Efficient Multi-Step Query Processing for EMD-based Similarity
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[Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings] [Full Text PDF]
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[seminar homepage]
Möllers M., Müller E., Neider D., Seweryn L.:
MediSign - Secure Pharmaceutic Distribution
GI Informatiktage 31. März - 01. April 2006 in Bonn S.113-115 (2006)