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Hassani M., Kranen P., Seidl T.:
Noise-aware Concise Clustering of Streaming Sensor Data in a Logarithmic Time
KDML Workshop on Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining and Machine Learning in conj. with LWA 2011, Magdeburg, Germany (2011)
[LWA 2011]


Hassani M.:
Distributed Processing of Data Streams and Large Data Sets
In: P. G. Kolaitis, M. Lenzerini and N. Schweikardt: Data Exchange, Integration, and Streams (GI-Dagstuhl-Seminar), Dagstuhl Seminar 10452. Slides [PDF]   (2010)
[Dagstuhl seminar homepage]


Seidl T., Müller E., Assent I., Steinhausen U.:
Outlier detection and ranking based on subspace clustering
Dagstuhl Seminar 08421 on Uncertainty Management in Information Systems. (2008)
[Dagstuhl seminar 08421] [paper at DROPS]


Assent I., Krieger R., Müller E., Seidl T.:
Removing Dimensionality Bias in Density-based Subspace Clustering
Abstract in Dutch-Belgian Data Base Day (DBDBD 2007), Eindhoven, NL (2007)
[DBDBD 2007]
Assent I., Krieger R., Müller E., Seidl T.:
Subspace outlier mining in large multimedia databases
In: M. Berthold, K. Morik, A. Siebes(eds.): Parallel Universes and Local Patterns, Dagstuhl Seminar 07181 (2007)
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