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[Journal of Intelligent Information Systems]


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[JDIM ] [Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2012]
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[Full Text PDF (Springer Open Access)]
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[Supplementary Material]
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[DAPD Journal]
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[DASP Journal - full text]


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[KAIS Journal - full text]


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[] [JMLR Proc. Vol. 11] [pdf]
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[VLDB 2010]


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[DMKD Journal - full text]
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[VLDB 2009] [PDF] [ACM Digital Library]
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[VLDB 2009] [Full Text PDF] [Supplementary material]
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[DB Spektrum]


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[KAIS] [DOI: 10.1007/s10115-007-0121-3]
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[SIGKDD Explorations] [Full Text PDF]
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[DKE] [Abstract]
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[RAIRO: ITA] [issue]


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[IFE journal link] [article]
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[Math Horizons]


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[Gesellschaft für Informatik E.V.]


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