Subspace Mining for High Dimensional Data

Forschungsgebiet: Data Analysis and Knowledge Extraction

Increasingly large data resources in life sciences, mobile information and communication, e-commerce, and other application domains require automatic techniques for gaining knowledge. One of the major knowledge discovery tasks is clustering which aims at grouping data such that objects within groups are similar while objects in different groups are dissimilar. In scenarios with many attributes or with noise, clusters are often hidden in subspaces of the data and do not show up in the full dimensional space. For these applications, subspace clustering methods aim at detecting clusters in any subspace.


We propose new subspace clustering models which remove redundant information and ensure the comparability of different clusters to enhance the quality and interpretability of the clustering results. At the same time the efficiency of the clustering process is guaranteed by the development of new algorithms. Additionally we focus our research on the evaluation and visualization of patterns to benefit from human cognitive abilities for the knowledge generation.