Dr. rer. nat. Christian Beecks

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Publikationen: 80 Einträge

I left the CS department in 2017 and am now working at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT.


Research Interests

  • Areas
    • Multimedia Databases
    • Information Retrieval
    • Data Mining
  • Topics
    • Multimedia Retrieval and Exploration
    • Efficient Similarity Search and Analysis
    • Scalable Indexing and Query Processing

Research Projects


Reviewing Activities

Invited Talks

  • Gradient-based Multimedia Signatures
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 5 April 2016
  • Multimedia Data Analysis with Gradient-based Signatures
    University of Klagenfurt, Austria, 24 November 2015
  • Similarity Search in Very Large Multimedia Databases
    Fraunhofer IGD & University Rostock, Germany, 18 August 2015
  • Indexing Multimedia Data with Metric and Ptolemaic Approaches
    Ghent University, Belgium, 19 August 2014
  • Adaptive Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases (with T. Seidl)
    Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, 2 October 2012
  • Large-Scale Multimedia Exploration with Adaptive Similarity Measures
    University of Klagenfurt, Austria, 10 January 2012
  • The Signature Quadratic Form Distance For Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
    University of Trento, Italy, 20 April 2011
  • Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval using the Signature Quadratic Form Distance
    Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, 25 February 2011

Research Stays

  • Multimedia Lab Research Group, Ghent University, Belgium
    1 May 2014 - 31 July 2014
  • Distributed Multimedia Systems Research Group, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
    6 January 2012 - 12 January 2012
  • SIRET Research Group, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
    22 February 2011 - 2 March 2011

Supervised Bachelor, Master, and Diploma Theses

  • S. Koß: Efficient Feature-based Query Processing in Multimedia Databases, 2016.
  • A. Konrad: Optimierung der Nächsten-Nachbarn-Suche in Metrischen Indexen, 2016. (with Prof. Dr. Freytag, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin)
  • L. Scholz: Exploiting Voronoi Partitions for Efficient Similarity Search in Metric Spaces, 2016.
  • L. Gleim: Time-sensitive Content-based Similarity Search in News Feeds, 2016.
  • B. Hauskeller: Indexed Subsequence Search on Time Series, 2016. (with Prof. Dr. Freytag, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin)
  • M. Großfengels: Spatio-temporal Real-time Ranking in Geo-social Networks, 2016.
  • M. Koprowski: Spatial-keyword-based Real-time Microblog Ranking, 2016.
  • D. Nemeth: Predicting Popular Hashtags in Twitter, 2016. (with R. Assam)
  • A. Graß: Index-supported Multi-Step Processing in Multimedia Databases using Signature-based Matching, 2015.
  • M. Berrendorf: Optimal Nearest-Neighbour Query Processing in Metric Spaces, 2015.
  • S. Wollwage: Effects of intrinsic dimensionality on shared nearest-neighbor based clustering methods, 2015. (with M. Houle, National Institute of Informatics, Tokio)
  • J. Hermanns: Indexing Feature Signatures with the Fisher Framework, 2015. (with M. Uysal)
  • D. Sabinasz: Content-based Video Similarity Search Using Feature Signatures, 2015. (with M. Uysal)
  • S. Neumann: Flexible Realtime-Suche in Microblogs, 2014.
  • D. Schmalzing: Similarity Search for Gestures in Motion Capture Data, 2014. (with M. Hassani)
  • D. Töws: Optimizing Sequential Pattern Mining of Interval-Based Events Within Multiple Streams, 2014. (with M. Hassani)
  • J. Schmücking: Lower-bounds of the Earth Mover’s Distance for Signatures, 2014. (with M. Uysal)
  • T. Rohlfs: Efficient similarity search in Ptolemaic metric spaces, 2014. (with S. Fries and M. Uysal)
  • J. Murmann: Text-based Feature Extraction using Category Distributions in Epsilon-Environments, 2014. (with PSYWARE GmbH)
  • Y. Thill: Extracting and Selecting Conceptual Features for Text-based Classification, 2014. (with PSYWARE GmbH) 
  • P. Steingrube: Wie Daten die Zukunft vorhersagen: Analyse enormer Datenströme zur Empfehlung von Nutzerverhalten in Echtzeit, 2013. (with plista GmbH)
  • C. Abel: Similarity Self-joins of Metric Data with MapReduce, 2013. (with B. Boden and S. Fries)
  • M. Faber: Efficient Exploration of Large Multimedia Databases, 2012.
  • S. Kirchhoff: A Quadratic Form Distance on Probability Distributions for Content-based Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases, 2011. (with A. Ivanescu)
  • P. Nguyen: Sub-Structure Similarity Search Using Adaptive Feature Representation, 2011. (with S. Fries)
  • S. Okasha: Efficient Similarity Search for Quadratic Form Distances on Hybrid Signature, 2010.
  • P. Driessen: Exploring Large Multimedia Databases using Multi-Object Queries Based on the M-Tree, 2009.
  • M. Uysal: Quadratic Form Distances on Signatures for Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases, 2009.
  • S. Wiedenfeld: Techniques for Exploring Large Datasets via Multidimensional Scaling, 2009.
  • N. Steinmann: Inhaltsbasiertes Attribute-Matching zur Klassifikation von Werkzeugdaten, 2009. (with P. Kranen and CIM GmbH)

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Relevance Feedback für EMD-basierte Ähnlichkeitssuche

Betreuer: Wichterich M., Assent I.
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Distance-based Similarity Models for Content-based Multimedia Retrieval

Betreuer: Seidl T.
Typ: Dissertation