Subspace Clustering Extensions for Knowledge Discovery Frameworks

Stephan GünnemannHardy Kremer, Matthias Hannen and Thomas Seidl



Installation instructions for the KDD-SC extension for the KDD frameworks KNIME, RapidMiner, and WEKA

Note that our extensions are still under development.


A paper describing our plugin is under review. After acceptance, we will release the source code of our framework under a opensource license. This will be an incremental process, since we  still need some confirmations for code that was provided by the original authors of  some of the algorithms (used in the CoreSC package of our framework).  


Installation instructions:




The installation instruction for the Subspace Clustering Extension for KNIME, KnimeSC, can be found here:




Downlad RapidMiner here.

Download the plugin file from this website: RapidSC.jar

After installation of RapidMiner, copy the jar file into the subfolder RapidMiner5\lib\plugins

After starting RapidMiner, our extension will be available in the Operators list on the left, as you can see in this screenshot: 



Note that we plan to provide our RapidSC via the RapidMiner marketplace system, for a more convenient installation. 




Download WEKA here. At the moment, you need to download the developer edition, which allows for an easy installation of external plugins. 

Download the plugin file from this website: WekaSC

Start WEKA and select the Package Manager in the Tools menu. On the upper right, you find a Button File/URL. Just provide the, and the installtion is finished. In the WEKA explorer, you will find three additional tabs "Subspace Clustering", "CoDA", and "MCExplorer", as you can see in the following screenshot: