Courses for Bachelor Students

For Bachelor students we regularly offer the following courses which cover basic principles and recent research topics in the area of data mining:

Semester Courses
1  (winter)  
2  (summer)

Lecture on Data structures and algorithms,

Lecture on Algorithms and data structures (Service)

3  (winter) Proseminar
4  (summer) Software lab
5  (winter)

Lecture on Data Mining Algorithms 1 (6 ECTS)

Seminar on recent topics in data mining

6  (summer)

Bachelor thesis (12 ECTS) with Bachelor colloquium (3 ECTS)

Slides of Prof. Seidl's presentation in the mentoring program May 2011: RWTH Mentoring Seidl.pdf


Bachelor students are welcome to participate in the following lecture courses from the Master program, too; credits can be transferred when enrolled in the Master course:

  • Data Mining Algorithms 1 (DMA1, V3Ü2, 6 ECTS)
  • Data Mining Algorithms 2 (DMA2, V3Ü2, 6 ECTS)
  • Content-Based Multimedia Search (CBMS, V3Ü2, 6 ECTS)