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Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

Beecks C., Hassani M., Bela Brenger, Jennifer Hinnell, Daniel Schüller, Irene Mittelberg, Seidl T.:
Efficient Query Processing in 3D Motion Capture Gesture Databases
International Journal of Semantic Computing. P.5-26 (2016)
Hetland M. L., Skopal T., Lokoč J., Beecks C.:
Ptolemaic Access Methods: Challenging the Reign of the Metric Space Model
Information Systems, Elsevier (2013)
Kruliš M., Skopal T., Lokoč J., Beecks C.:
Combining CPU and GPU Architectures for Fast Similarity Search
Distributed and Parallel Databases (DAPD), Vol. 30, Nr. 3-4 P.179-207 (2012)
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