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Hassani M., Müller E., Spaus P., Faqolli A., Palpanas T., Seidl T.:
Self-Organizing Energy Aware Clustering of Nodes in Sensor Networks Using Relevant Attributes
Proc. 4th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (SensorKDD 2010) in conjunction with 16th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2010), Washington, DC, USA P.87-96 (2010)
[SensorKDD 2010]
Hassani M., Seidl T.:
Network Intrusion Detection using a Secure Ranking of Hidden Outliers
Proceedings of the 15th Syrian Computer Society Meeting on Computer Network Security 27-28 October, Aleppo - Syria. Paper [PDF] (2010)