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Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

Kruliš M., Skopal T., Lokoč J., Beecks C.:
Combining CPU and GPU Architectures for Fast Similarity Search
Distributed and Parallel Databases (DAPD), Vol. 30, Nr. 3-4 P.179-207 (2012)
[DAPD Journal]

Conference papers (peer reviewed)

Assam R., Hassani M., Seidl T.:
Differential Private Trajectory Protection of Moving Objects
Proc. of 3rd International Workshop on GeoStreaming (IWGS 2012), held in conjunction with 20th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2012), Redondo Beach, CA, USA P.68-77 (2012)
Hassani M., Spaus P., Mohamed Medhat Gaber, Seidl T.:
Density-Based Projected Clustering of Data Streams
The 6th International conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management (SUM 2012), Marburg, Germany. LNAI 7520 P.311-324 (2012)
[SUM 2012]