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Hassani M., Beecks C., Töws D., Tatiana Serbina, Max Haberstroh, Paula Niemietz, Sabina Jeschke, Stella Neumann, Seidl T.:
Sequential Pattern Mining of Multimodal Streams in the Humanities
The 16th conference on "Database Systems for Business, Technology, and Web" (BTW 2015) in Hamburg, Germany (Demo) (to appear) (2015)


Beecks C., Wichterich M., Seidl T.:
Metrische Anpassung der Earth Mover's Distanz zur Ähnlichkeitssuche in Multimedia-Datenbanken
Proc. 13th GI Conference on Database Systems for Business, Technology, and the Web (BTW 2009), Münster, Germany. Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI P-144). P.207-216 (2009)
[BTW 2009]