Research topic: Data Analysis and Knowledge Extraction

Long title: Integrating electronic tools to derive cognitive, linguistic and behavioral patterns from complex multimodal databases in the humanities.


A successful application of information technology in humanities, e.g. for the analysis of text data in computer linguistics, suggests the usage of IT methods for complex, multimodal data of linguistics and communication sciences. To do this, it is necessary to explore the borders of the presently used methods, to develop adequate mathematical models and to extend existing methods and to adapt them according to the new challenges.


The project “e-cosmos”, which is funded within the scope of the “HumTec Interdisciplinary Boost Fund 2013”, meets this interdisciplinary challenge with a team of linguists, computer scientists and engineers from the RWTH Aachen University. The aim is to develop an open e-cosmos platform, which fulfills the requirements given by humanities concerning integration, query, evaluation and visualization of complex, multimodal data streams. Besides the subject-specific challenges, the special concerns of such an interdisciplinary cooperation are integrated into the research program as a core task. To contribute substantially to the growth area “e-Humanities” and “Digital Heritage” is the aim.


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