Research cluster UMIC

Research topic: Data Analysis and Knowledge Extraction


UMIC (Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication) is a research cluster established under the excellence initiative of the German government. The goal of this cluster is the interdisciplinary design of communication systems providing an order of magnitude improvement of the perceived quality of service for the next-decade mobile Internet. We are participating in two of the four research areas: Mobile Applications and Services (B) and Cross Disciplinary Methods and Tools (D).


Research areas:

  • (B) Mobile Applications & Services:

Project: Mobile Stream Data Mining

This project investigates exchange and analysis of continuous data streams. Health-net applications for example monitor vital functions of patients, such as blood pressure or pulse by means of various mobile sensors. Continuously measuring and collecting of these sensor values leads to huge volumes of data which are impossible to store or even transmit using mobile devices. In this context we focus our research on mobile stream data mining and develop new techniques for the aggregation of measurements and the detection of anomalies in order to enable fast reactions, e.g. emergency situations in the above mentioned Health-net scenarios.

  • (D) Cross Disciplinary Methods and Tool:

Project: Energy Awareness of Application

While bandwidth of mobile networks and processing power of mobile devices are enhanced continuously, the energy capacity of mobile clients remains a bottleneck of mobile applications. To overcome the limitation, energy efficiency has to be considered through all layers of mobile communication. We focus our research on the energy awareness of applications especially for transmitting large volumes of data through broadcast channels.