SFB 686

Research topic: Data Analysis and Knowledge Extraction

SFB686 Logo"Model-Based Control of Homogenized Low-Temperature Combustion"


  The aim of the SFB 686 is a model-based control of homogenized low- 

  temperature combustion for efficient and low-emission energy provision.  

  This requires the cooperation of several fields, in order to build up a thorough  understanding of the complex physical processes, as well as the investigation   and breakdown of the whole chain of effects, which leads from flow and mixture to ignition and then combustion, to finally end up with the combustion instabilities. To make the gained understanding usable, a description of the physical effects on the basis of mathematical models follows.


Besides intensive research in core areas of automatic control, the application and development of computer-science methods have contributed to the advancement of MPC over the past years. Further synergies between automatic control and data exploration are to be used and extended on the basis of the experiences made so far.