Dr. rer. nat. Brigitte Boden

Research associate
Publications: 18 entries

I was a research associate at the data management and data exploration group from June 2010 to December 2014.



Research interests:




  • Supervision of Seminar Theses:
    • WS10/11: Seminar "Data Mining und Multimedia Retrieval"
    • WS12/13: Proseminar "Elementary Data Mining Techniques"
    • WS13/14: Proseminar "DM² - Data Management and Data Mining Techniques"
    • SS14: Seminar "Multimedia Retrieval and Data Mining"


  • Supervision of lab courses:
    • SS11: Lab "High Performance Data Minining with MapReduce"
    • SS12: Lab "High Performance Data Minining with MapReduce"

  • Exercises for
    • Exploring Temporal and Graph Data: Mining and Retrieval (WS 11/12)
    • Data Mining Algorithms II (SS13)
    • Data Mining Algorithms I (WS 13/14)
    • Data Mining Algorithms II (SS14)
    • Data Mining Algorithms I (WS 14/15)

  • Supervision of Bachelor, Master und Diploma Theses:
    • Rubaiyat Sadat (with Stephan Günnemann)
    • Holger Hoffmann (with Stephan Günnemann)
    • Roman Haag
    • Xueyao Jiang (with Sergej Fries)
    • Robert Schulte (with Sergej Fries)
    • Christoph Abel (with Sergej Fries)
    • Patrick Gerwert (with Ines Färber)
    • Grzegorz Stepien (with Ines Färber)
    • Robert Gleis (with Ines Färber)




Reviewing activities:

  • Conferences:
    • EDBT 2011, 2013 (International Conference on Extending Database Technology)
    • SDM 2011 (SIAM International Conference on Data Mining)
    • BTW 2011 (GI-Fachtagung Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web)
    • ECML PKDD 2011, 2012 (European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases)
    • PAKDD 2012 (Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
    • MDM 2012 (International Conference on Mobile Data Management)
    • SSDBM 2012 (International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management)
    • KDD 2012 (ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
    • ICDE 2013, 2014 (IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering)
    • VAST 2013 (IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology)
    • DASFAA 2014 (International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications)
    • CIKM 2014 (International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management)
  • Journals:
    • DMKD (Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery)
    • TKDE (IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering)
    • Datenbanksprektrum


Combining Subspace Clustering and Subgraph Mining for the Analysis of Vertex-Labeled Graphs

Tutor: Günnemann S.
Type: Diplomarbeit

Combined Clustering of Graph and Attribute Data

Tutor: Seidl T.
Type: Dissertation