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Parallel Projected Clustering of Big Data with MapReduce

Master Thesis
Student: Stephan Wels
Advisor: Fries S.

Efficient DBSCAN Clustering with MapReduce

Master Thesis
Student: Xueyao Jiang
Advisor: Fries S., Boden B.

Projected Spectral Clustering on Graphs with Feature Vectors

Master Thesis

Underdetermined Bidirectional Prediction

Master Thesis

Optimizing the Prediction Quality of Language-Based Personality Tests using Subspace Clustering

Master Thesis
with Psyware GmbH (Dr. Dirk Gratzel, Dipl.-Psych. Christian Greb)
Student: Jan Umlauft
Advisor: Driessen P.

Density-based Clustering in Graphs with Attributes

Master Thesis

Sub-Structure Similarity Search Using Adaptive Feature Representation

Master Thesis
Student: Phan Anh Nguyen
Advisor: Beecks C., Fries S.

Anti-counterfeiting by mining product traces

Master Thesis
with SAP Research Center in Karlsruhe (Nina Oertel)
Student: Lingyu Wang
Advisor: Müller E.

Self-Organizing and Energy Efficient Clustering in Sensor Networks

Master Thesis
with University of Trento (Prof. Themis Palpanas)
Student: Adriola Faqolli
Advisor: Hassani M., Müller E.